RECORD ROOTS: Vinyl Record Tabletop Storage System

Give your records the attention they deserve.




In 2017 I launched my Record Roots Kickstarter campaign. The campaign was successful and the product was realized. I’ve worked as a product designer since graduating from university in 2015. In the subsequent years my main focus was designing gear for a travel gear business. Things took a turn for the worse when the pandemic hit and people stopped travelling. My focus shifted back to Record Roots.

Many of us have more records than we can (reasonably) display on the wall. The Record Roots Tabletop Storage System is an installation that displays & stores your vinyl records for easy access. Your records are beautiful and they deserve an elegant home to protect and exhibit them.

Record Roots Tabletop Storage System does not act in place of the large shelving unit you have for your collection of hundreds or even thousands of records. Instead, it is home to your favorite records, the ones you’ve just picked from a record fair, or the miscellaneous records which don’t fit in your other storage. Each container will hold about 40-45 records and the tiered stands will mean that you can flick through and find the record which would fit the mood! The product is designed as that sturdy, durable, efficient and convenient sanctuary for your records.

The project will be launched on Kickstarter in August (exact date to be confirmed) and I would love your support!

The best prices will be offered to the first backers but you will need to be quick to secure them!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send us a message. 

Thanks, Felix