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I wanted a way to display the records on the wall but still be able to play the records. After looking hard I couldn’t find any products which would allow me to do this… so I embarked on designing the Record Roots frame. It’s a patent-pending frame which displays 8 records but multiple pieces can be joined together to display as many pieces as you want, or have space for!

I love being able to change the records as and when I want. My friends always notice which records are on the wall.

We offer free shipping, easy returns and a lifetime guarantee on the product.

Thousands of vinyl collectors are using the product all around the world and we’ve been given amazing reviews. I hope you like the product. If you have any questions about it, don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

- Felix Kenchington


I'm Felix - the founder of Record Roots

The story of the company starts in 2016 when I moved into a new apartment. The apartment was completely undecorated so I wanted some way to make it feel like home. I didn’t have any paintings or photos to display on the wall but had a reasonably sized vinyl collection.

Each 12 inch disc comes with a protective cover with artwork on it but you can’t really appreciate the artwork when they’re stuck inside a record crate.

- Photo by Dan

"Aside from just looking cool, it helps to see which records are up on the wall so I know which one I want to play next."

- Photo by Cameron

"My Record Roots frame is the first thing people notice when they come into my living room. Itβ€˜s a great conversation starter!"

- Photo by Martin

"They're great! They're really easy to put up. They don't fall down and if you want you can change the records around."



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