About Us

"Album art is too good to be hidden away!"

Records should be displayed and enjoyed rather than being stuck in a box or closet. There’s no way to appreciate the beautiful cover artwork when they’re stuck in a storage box or record crate.

This was the thinking when it all started in 2016 and moved into a new apartment. After settling in, everything seemed good, but I had undecorated walls. I had a much treasured record collection though. As I unloaded the records from the box, the beauty of the cover art struck me. I needed some way to display the records.

I set out to design a solution; one that would allow me to be able to not only display the records but play them whenever I wanted.

Fast-forward to now, Record Roots has sold in over 50 countries allowing collectors to display their favourite albums. It’s been extremely popular with customers coming back for more and more frames!

The Record Roots frame is a patent-pending design which displays 8 records per piece but gives you an option to easily join multiple pieces together to display as many records you want. And the best part is you do not need to drill holes in your wall as it uses 3M Command Strips mounted on metal clips to secure the frame on the wall. They are robust, reliable yet won't damage your wall and anyone could install one in just a few minutes.

Whether you've got a small record collection or thousands of vinyl LPs to store and show off, the Record Roots frame is the most good-looking and reliable solution for displaying them.

With our premium quality, easy to install wall display you can rest assured that your ‘wall of sound’ will be the first thing which visitors mention!

Record collectors from around the world trust this product to help them get the most out of their records with fantastic reviews to prove it. I hope you like the product too. If you have any questions that aren’t answered on the FAQ page, be sure to contact us.