What is Kickstarter? - About our product launch!

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What is Kickstarter & why are we using it?

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that helps new products come to life! Rather than founders having to come out of pocket hundreds of thousands of dollars it allows backers to preorder the product for a short period of time. I will use those preorder funds to make a large order with the factory. This method allows me to buy more storage units at once and lowers your price. Everyone wins. If you order in August you’ll have your order by the end of November / early December.

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that helps creators, designers & brands like us gather support for new product ideas and bring them into fruition! When we launch a new product we have to gather funds to be able to do the first production run of the product. Manufacturers have large minimum order quantities to meet so this means that we need to find a large amount of money! With Kickstarter, record collectors can show their support for the project by pledging money to fund the first production run. In return they will be able to get the product at significantly discounted prices! Everyone wins! 🤗

We’re launching the Record Roots Vinyl Record Display System on Kickstarter on Thursday 12th August with the hope of raising enough money to produce the product.

What happens if the Kickstarter launch is not successful?

If we fail to meet our funding goal everyone will get their money back. We also won’t be able to produce this product. 😭 We would be so grateful for your support with the project!

When will I receive the product which I ordered?

We’re expecting to deliver the products to customers in November of this year - 2021. It will take this long to manufacture the goods, ship them to the warehouse, then ship them to customers.

Have you got any other question?

Please send us a message on Facebook or send us an email!

The Record Roots Vinyl Record Storage System will launch on Kickstarter at 12pm EST. The best discounts will be available to the first people to support the project on the day! We would love your support!