Competition April '20

Give your records the attention they deserve.


Time for a competition! As we've got to stay at home for the moment, it's a good time to re-decorate! Why not display your vinyl collection (or some of it) on the walls? 🎵

✔️ In case you're unaware, we sell frames to display your vinyl on the interior walls of your house.

✔️ They're accessible so you can play the record whenever you want. (That's what they're for after all!)

✔️ The frames join together so you can display as many records on the wall as you like and they have fixings which don't damage the wall.

🚫 No need for making any holes.

For your chance to win just answer the following question: How many records does one frame display?

Record Roots Competition - Number of Records!

You can find the answer somewhere on this page. Take a minute to checkout some of our customer's photos while you're looking for it! 👀


- Cameron


- Dan


- Ben


- Ciaran


- Harry


- Michael


- Mauricio


- Dave


- Anthony


- Nelli


- Michael - He also sent us this video review! 👇



- Charles

- Nic

Here's the answer you're looking for! One frame displays 8 records but you can join as many frames together as you want to display as many as you want! 

- Santino


- Martin

- Brandon