Record Roots Customer Photos - Updated April 2020

Give your records the attention they deserve.


We love seeing our records up on the wall but what's better than that? Seeing our customers' photos on the wall. We recently contacted our customers asking for some shots of their set up. Here's what they came back with! 👉



- Cameron


- Dan


- Ali - Ali actually gave us a video review. Take a minute to check it out! 👇


- Ben


- Ciaran


- Harry


- Michael


- Mauricio


- Dave


- Anthony


- Nelli


- Michael - He also sent us this video review! 👇



- Charles

- Nic


- Santino


- Martin

- Brandon

 We got so many more amazing shots that we couldn't fit here! Did you buy a Record Roots frame? Please send us a photo! We would love to see your set up! ✌️