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Last year, in Summer 2017, we launched Record Roots on Kickstarter and were blown away by the positive response. It was really incredible to have people in 25 different countries pre-order over 600 frames. As soon as we had the funds, we got the ball rolling with our manufacturer.

We ordered all materials and components required. When it came to purchasing the self adhesive velcro the supplier raised an issue. The adhesive on the back of the velcro which fixes to the wall is very strong. In certain climates it'll cure to form a much stronger bond to the wall than in others which could risk damaging paintwork on the wall. While we never encountered any problems with it, we weren't prepared to let anyone encounter problems with it. We had to find another solution.

I identified the 3M Large Command strips as the absolute best solution. They're the market leading product for damage free wall fixings. Individually, each strip can hold 2kg so by distributing the load between 4 contact points, they will hold a far greater weight than is necessary. To give you an idea - each 2x4 frame weighs 450g, a standard LP in it's sleeve weighs 220g anda double LP weighs 400-450g. The self adhesive strip is stuck to a folded metal hook which sticks to the wall.


The new fixing method uses 3M Command Strips.


The metal clips are stuck onto the wall.


The frames are then attached to the clips by engaging the plastic sheets with the clips.


Finally, you place your records in the slots.


To make it super simple, we've made a video which shows the steps for installing. However, makes sure you read the written instructions before setting it up.



The wall hanging will normally be fixed using 3M Command strips but 3M Command Strips are unsuitable for wallpaper, brickwork and uneven surfaces. For these wall types Record Roots frames can be fixed to the wall with screws and wall plugs through the eyelets positioned along the top edge.


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