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January 13, 2017 0 Comments

Vinyl is back (and some might argue that it never really left) but listeners find themselves caught between the affordability, accessibility of listening to digital music and the feel and quality of analog. It was this dilemma which has been addressed by folks at Gearbox Records who have launched their ambitious Kickstarter campaign.

They say that their ‘philosophy is to be the finest in vinyl from creation to playback. We create great music by being an audiophile jazz/electronica/folk record label with out own production facility. We spend every day listening to and producing music for our own label output and our customers, such as Sony, Brownswood, Domino Records, Beatball, RAK and many more. So we built the equipment on which to play our final prized product too. Creation to playback becomes a reality.

But it had to sound good and look good and do some amazing things. We were tired of the analogue vs digital arguments and feel that they are both valid for today’s listener. Listening to vinyl is experiential. “Slow music”. Listening to digital is convenient. They co-exist in the music industry. So why not deliver them in harmony? Enter The Gearbox Automatic. “Future Analogue”.’



Their turntable can optionally be connected to a Bluetooth / Sonos home audio system to wirelessly stream music around the house. On top of that, push notifications can let you know what is currently playing.


They are ready for manufacture in the UK and offer affordable pricing for a high end audio system so head over and support their campaign today!