Record Roots's 6th Birthday!

Give your records the attention they deserve.


Kickstarter Launch

It was about this time 6 years ago I pushed the ‘launch’ button on our Kickstarter campaign for our display frame product after more than a year of design development.

I designed the display frame as a way to display some of my records on the wall and friends encouraged me to sell it online to other collectors. As a recent design school graduate, I didn’t have a lot of cash sitting around which I could use to fund the production run so I turned to Kickstarter for these funds. It served as a crash course in e-commerce / marketing. Whilst I had some experience in this area as I co-founded a backpack / travel gear brand, I hadn’t done something like this alone. Fortunately, the vinyl loving, kickstarter community supported in the project and within 4.5 hours we reached our funding goal & Kickstarter picked us as a ‘Project We Love’.

Record Display Panorama

Design Changes

Later in 2017, we shipped around 600 pre-orders to our backers and other early supporters. In general we received amazing feedback although it was apparent that there was a manufacturing issue affecting some of our backers. If hanging more than one frame, the frames could be joined together along the long edge of the frame to create a practically seamless look. Some of my early supporters who bought multiple pieces found that when the frames were joined together the top edge of the two (or more) frames would not meet at the same point. Many of the people who pre-ordered loved the product but it was a great disappointment for me that the product wasn’t perfect for everyone who pre-ordered. It was necessary to update the design to use an alternative method for joining frames together. I made some changes and it’s working like a dream!

Vinyl Record Display Photo

Record Roots in 2023

Skip to now, we’ve shipped more than 10,000 frames to more than 50 countries on all continents (minus Antarctica!) When I initially conceived the idea for the display frame in my living room, I never envisioned this level of global reach. Our Tabletop Display System was successfully launched on Kickstarter in 2021 and is also making waves in the USA. We’re aiming to be able to deliver this product to other countries later in the year! Who knows, we might also launch a new product soon too!

Customer photo of record storage

Thank you!

Thanks to those who supported my projects on Kickstarter at such an early stage! Thanks to those who bought our products through our website. We don’t have investors or shareholders. I’m just a record collector trying to make decent gear for record collectors so thanks for believing in me.

To celebrate Record Roots’s birthday we’re giving 15% off all products until Monday 26th 2023. Feel free to use BIRTHDAY15 on the cart page. 🎉

- Felix