Lifetime Guarantee

Very few, if any similar companies offer a lifetime warranty because they can’t. They don’t expect their products to last a long period of time, let alone a lifetime. We’ve got 50 / 60 year old vinyl which plays as well as it did when it was first produced. There isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t expect to be using your Record Roots frame in 50 / 60 years too. We’re committed to making the best products for your vinyl and are here to back it up.

While we get love mail just about every day for our world class customer service, please know that there are limitations to this warranty. This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, normal wear and tear, or negligence. It also does not cover any issues relating to the hanging on the wall. If the frame has fallen down, it’s almost certainly due to being hung on wall paper (for which it is not suited), poor preparation of the wall surface prior to applying the sticky strips or uneven weight distribution. The adhesives strips are rated to carry a far greater weight than the product with records. If you ever experience a manufacturing defect that affects the functionality of the product – we will either repair or replace your product for a new or excellent condition replacement. That said, the likelihood of a manufacturing defect is incredibly unlikely as we undertake strict quality inspections before the goods leave the factory.