Frequently Asked Questions

How many records does one piece display?

Each piece displays 8 records - 2 horizontal by 4 vertical.


Are the 3M Command Strips strong enough?

Yes! They're the world leading damage-free wall fixing. Each strip is rated to hold 2kg so between the four which will hold each frame up, they're plenty strong enough!


Will the 3M Command Strips damage my wall when removed?

The 3M Command Strips were designed for mounting onto the wall without causing damage. It can be carefully removed without taking off any paintwork. It's not recommended on walls with wallpaper although in many instances it won't even damage these walls.


How should I mount it on walls with wallpaper?

In many instances, it will be fine however we can't recommend using the 3M Command Strips as in some instances it could cause damage. You can mount it using screws through the eyelets positioned along the top edge of the product.


How should I mount it if my wall is exposed brickwork?

For textured surfaces like brickwork which the 3M Command Strips won't stick to, we recommend mounting with screws through the o-rings on the top edge.


How can they be joined together?

Open-ended zips are positioned on each vertical edge, which will join onto the next piece.


Can I rotate the frame?

No, the frame must be displayed vertically.


What if I want to buy more than 8 pieces?

Please get in touch!


Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide!


Are you going to offer Record Roots for 7"?

We may consider it in the future!


I've got another question. What can I do?

Please send us a message and we'll aim to get back to you as soon as possible.